The most exciting advance in picture framing in recent years has been in the specialist glass area.

There are now a number of glass options to both enhance your viewing pleasure and actively protect your artwork.

Ultra violet light is one of the most dangerous things your artwork can encounter because it fades colour, bleaches
photographs and in time causes the materials to degrade.

The good news though is that a range of specialist picture framing glass has been formulated to filter out around 96%
of damaging ultra violet light.

It is also available in a number of finishes :

  .  standard clear - which offers uv protection without reduced reflection, (reflection on a par with standard glass)

 .  reduced reflection -  which offers uv protection with reflection reduced by 60%

 .  museum grade - which offers uv protection and limited reflection to the point where it is almost invisible.

We still offer standard glass to those who want it and also standard glass with a reduced reflection filter, (waterwhite glass).

There is also a variety of plastic glass solutions for high risk areas, such as kids' rooms, pubs and clubs.

Finally, for artwork that does not require glass, such as oil paintings and prints on canvas we also offer a matt, satin gloss and texture varnishing service.


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